Oracle GoldenGate(12.3, 19) Trail FORMAT RELEASE

1         Can a 12.3 GoldenGate replicat process consume trail files from GG 12.1?   When source is ogg v12.3.x and target is ogg v12.1.x , you need to have the trail files written in the 12.1 format so that the ogg v12.1. replicat could consume the ogg v12.3.x trail file.So you need to […]

Cassandra timeout during write query at consistency ONE

  1         Symptoms The OGG report file show   timout exception of connecting to Cassandra, so the OGG replicat was abended.   2019-03-25 11:20:36  INFO    OGG-06510  Using the following key columns for target table APMT_CONTAINER_SERVICE_BLUE.CONTAINER_HISTORY: TERMINAL_ID, CONTAINER_NUMBER, EVENT_GKEY, VISIT_STATE.                 368147 records processed as of 2019-03-25 11:20:37 (rate 0,delta 0)               639799 records processed as […]

OGG4BD to send boolean data to Cassandra

OGG4BD to send boolean data to Cassandra –Create target table in Cassandra CREATE TABLE TARGET.TARGET01 ( col1 text PRIMARY KEY, col5 float, col2 bigint, col3 timestamp, col4 boolean ) WITH bloom_filter_fp_chance = 0.01 AND caching = {‘keys’: ‘ALL’, ‘rows_per_partition’: ‘NONE’} AND comment = ” AND compaction = {‘class’: ‘org.apache.cassandra.db.compaction.SizeTieredCompactionStrategy’, ‘max_threshold’: ’32’, ‘min_threshold’: ‘4’} AND compression […]