Enabling supplemental log data

Enabling supplemental log data The following steps check whether supplemental log data is enabled and, if not, enable it. Enter the following command: select supplemental_log_data_min, supplemental_log_data_pk from v$database; If the command returns YES or IMPLICIT, supplemental log data is already enabled. For example, SUPPLEME SUP ——– — YES NO indicates that supplemental log data is […]

Different sizes of ASM disks in ASM diskgroup

Reference:  https://community.oracle.com/tech/apps-infra/discussion/4198843/different-sizes-of-asm-disks-in-asm-diskgroup https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e18951/asmdiskgrps.htm#OSTMG94124 https://oracle-base.com/articles/10g/automatic-storage-management-10g With Oracle, asmca allows me to create a diskgroup with differently sized disks, whereas asmca does not:       With, it is also not possible to add a disk with a different size to an already existing disk group.   What works though is to replace an […]

Remote Clone PDB with error ORA-17628

Remote Clone PDB with error ORA-17628 Syptoms: SQL> CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE PTRG FROM PSRC@clone_link file_name_convert=(‘+DATA_TRG’,’+DATA_SRC’); CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE PTRG FROM PSRC@clone_link file_name_convert=(‘+DATA_TRG’,’+DATA_SRC’) * ERROR at line 1: ORA-17628: Oracle error 17630 returned by remote Oracle server ORA-17630: Mismatch in the remote file protocol version client server Cause: TRG: SRC: This appears to be […]