ALLOWOUTPUTDIR – Fix OGG-25127 XXXX not in any allowed output directories.

Pump report: 2020-11-20 19:05:58 ERROR OGG-25127 Received an error reply requesting a graceful shutdown. (Reply received is ‘GSOutput file /u01/app/ogg/dirdat/target/TT000000 is not in any allowed output directories.’.).


With this parameter, we can authorize GoldenGate to use a different location than its home to store trail files. If you need different directories for your trails either you use the same root because this parameter includes the sub-directories or you provide the parameter ALLOWOUTPUTDIR several times.


Login Destination OGG container :
[oracle@oggdest ~]$ docker exec -it –user oracle oggca19.1 bash
[oracle@SSPSCDH01 ogg]$ pwd
[oracle@oggdest ogg]$ ggsci
Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle
Version OGGCORE_19.
GGSCI (oggdest) 1> edit params ./GLOBALS
GGSCHEMA oggadmin
ALLOWOUTPUTDIR /u01/ogg/dirdat/


OGG-01031 There is a problem in network communication. Reply received is Output file is not in any allowed output directories. (Doc ID 2095284.1)

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