Distribution Path failed with ENCKEY and Filter rule

Distribution Path failed with ENCKEY and Filter rule

OGG MA12.3
2016-09-29T13:00:36.413+0000 ERROR| Exception Code: OGG-02271 (DISTPATH01)
2016-09-29T13:00:36.413+0000 ERROR| Exception Message: Decryption key is missing and record can not be filtered out. (DISTPATH01)
2016-09-29T13:00:36.413+0000 ERROR| Exception, killing the path DISTPATH01 (DISTPATH01)
2016-09-29T13:00:36.454+0000 WARN | Path killed. (DISTPATH01)


Filter rule is using in distpath with ENCKEY at same time
OGG (https://oggvm01:12100 OGGLOCAL) 4> info distpath DISTPATH01 detail
Path Name: DISTPATH01
Status: killed
Source: trail://
Target: wss://
SizeMB: 200
Sequence Length: 9
Encryption Algorithm: None
Begin Position: seqno: 0 rba: 0
ObjectName: app01.*
Action: exclude
AutoRestart: retries 10, delay 5
EOF Delay: 100 CSecs
Critical: yes

Process Id: 121 
Thread Id: 140443215984384
Last Started: 0000-01-01T00:00:00.000Z
Source Database Name: UNKNOWN
Processing Lag: 1601717
Since Lag Reported: 1112 

Input Checkpoint:

Remove filter rule

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