Oracle GoldenGate(12.3, 19) Trail FORMAT RELEASE

1         Can a 12.3 GoldenGate replicat process consume trail files from GG 12.1?


  1. When source is ogg v12.3.x and target is ogg v12.1.x , you need to have the trail files written in the 12.1 format so that the ogg v12.1. replicat could consume the ogg v12.3.x trail file.So you need to have the FORMAT RELEASE 12.1 parameter in the source extract.


  1. ogg 12.3.x replicat can consume a trail file written by a ogg v12.1.x pump/ extract process. So you can have ogg v12.3.x in target and ogg v12.1.x in source. Ideally all ogg higher versions are backward compatible that means a ogg v12.3.x could consume a trail file written by a lower ogg version( in your case ogg v12.1.x) without any additional parameters.


2         FORMAT RELEASE in OGG 19


RMTTRAIL trail_name

[, FORMAT RELEASE major.minor]




FORMAT RELEASE major.minor

Not valid for Extract Pump. Specifies the metadata format of the data that is sent by Extract to a trail, a file, or (if a remote task) to another process. The metadata tells the reader process whether the data records are of a version that it supports. The metadata format depends on the version of the Oracle GoldenGate process. Older Oracle GoldenGate versions contain different metadata than newer ones.


FORMAT RELEASE specifies an Oracle GoldenGate release version. major is the major version number, and minor is the minor version number. The X.x must reflect a current or earlier, generally available (GA) release of Oracle GoldenGate. Valid values are 11.1 through the current Oracle GoldenGate X.x version number, for example 11.2 or 12.1.


The release version is programmatically mapped back to the appropriate trail format compatibility level. The default is the current version of the process that writes to this trail.


  • Note:RELEASE versions earlier than 12.1 do not support three-part object names.
  • Note:If using multiple trails in a single Extract, only RELEASE versions that are the same can coexist.


The following settings are supported for Oracle Database 12.2 and higher:

  • For Oracle Database 12.2 non-CDB or higher with compatibility set to 12.1, FORMAT RELEASE 12.2 or above is supported.


  • For Oracle Database 12.2 non-CDB or higher with compatibility set to 12.2, FORMAT RELEASE 12.2 or above is supported.


  • For Oracle Database 12.2 CDB/PDB or higher with compatibility set to 12.2, only FORMAT RELEASE values 12.3 or higher are supported. This is due to the use of local undo for PDBs, which requires augmenting the transaction ID with the PDB number to ensure uniqueness of trx IDs.


Source: (NON-CDB) with Oracle GG (

Target: BIG Data with Oracle GG (12.3)

I have included in my extract file the option “Format Release 12.3”

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