OSWatcher via MobaXterm

1. Using MobaXterm_Portable_V10.2: https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/download-home-edition.html oraclevm01 % sudo su – root root@oraclevm01:/root % xhost + MobaXterm X11 proxy: Unsupported authorisation protocol xhost: unable to open display “localhost:10.0” root@oraclevm01:/root % exit logout oraclevm01 % xhost + access control disabled, clients can connect from any host oraclevm01 % 2. produce report oraclevm01$ cd /opt/app/oracle/admin/OSWatch/oswbb/ oraclevm01$ ls analysis call_uptime.sh […]

OGG Manager could not purge old trail file

OGG Manager could not purge old trail file Symptom: manager could not purge old trail files while not extract or replicat is existing in this ogg, because this ogg is only receiving trail from source and cascade data to target. GGSCI (OGGVM01) 2> edit param mgr PURGEOLDEXTRACTS /u01/app/ogg/dirdat/DD*, USECHECKPOINTS, MINKEEPDAYS 30 Solution: GGSCI (OGGVM01) 2> […]