Issue: OGG-01416  File KA000000028, with format RELEASE 9.0/9.5, does not match current format specification of RELEASE 12.3


Issue: OGG-01416  File KA000000028, with format RELEASE 9.0/9.5, does not match current format specification of RELEASE 12.3


1           SYMPTOMS:

OGG (https://linuxvm01:18100 LOCAL) 20> info EXT01 detail

EXTRACT    EXT01  Last Started 2019-03-18 12:58   Status ABENDED

Checkpoint Lag       58:45:47 (updated 47:38:58 ago)

Log Read Checkpoint  Oracle Integrated Redo Logs

                     2019-03-16 01:21:11

                     SCN 0.404133134 (404133134)

  Target Extract Trails:

  Trail Name                                       Seqno        RBA     Max MB Trail Type

  /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/         28       6769        200 EXTTRAIL

Integrated Extract outbound server first scn: 0.383126973 (383126973)

Integrated Extract outbound server filtering start scn: 0.383126973 (383126973)

  Extract Source                          Begin             End

  Not Available                           2019-03-08 08:27  2019-03-16 01:21

  Not Available                           2019-03-08 08:27  2019-03-16 01:21

Current directory    /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/


Report file          /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/

Parameter file       /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/

Checkpoint file      /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/

Process file         /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/

Error log            /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/

No REPLICAT groups found, but some coordinated threads may have been excluded


OGG (https://linuxvm01:18100 LOCAL) 22> view report EXT01

2019-03-18 12:58:08  WARNING OGG-02905  Replication of OID column in object tables may diverge.


2019-03-18 12:58:08  INFO    OGG-01052  No recovery is required for target file /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/, at RBA 6769 (file not opened).


2019-03-18 12:58:08  INFO    OGG-01478  Output file /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/ is using format RELEASE 12.3.


Source Context :

  SourceModule            : [gglib.ggtrail.LegacyTrailDataTarget]

  SourceID                : [/scratch/aime/adestore/views/aime_adc00jza/oggcore/OpenSys/src/app/er/LegacyTrailDataTarget.cpp]

  SourceMethod            : [open_targ_ext_file]

  SourceLine              : [3593]

  ThreadBacktrace         : [12] elements

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/, char**))]

                          : [  : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/ggma/0.1.4/bin/extract(ggs::ggli:ggliltiThreading::MainThread::Rad::Rad char**))]


                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/, char**))]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/, char**)]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/*))]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/, char**))]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/]

                          : [/ogg/app/oracle/oggma/]


2019-03-18 12:58:08  ERROR   OGG-01416  File /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/, with format RELEASE 9.0/9.5, does not match current format specification of RELEASE 12.3. Modify the parameter file to specify format RELEASE 9.0/9.5 or issue ETROLLOVER prior to restart.

2019-03-18 12:58:08  ERROR   OGG-01668  PROCESS ABENDING.


2         Solution:

1) There is a version compatibility error. The extract pump is version 10.4 or higher that is writing to a trail that was written to by a pump/server that is of a lower version.

Solution – Please use the FORMAT RELEASE option for the RMTTRAIL parameter. Consult the reference manual for usage and syntax.


2) The header trail record is corrupted and extract pump displays this (misleading) error because it could not read the record.

Solution – Investigate why this trail becomes corrupted. It may be due to system issues such as sudden system failures and also point 3 below. To recover please consult NOTE:957053.1 Recovering From a GG Pump Process Abending With An Incompatible Record Error.

The easiest way to check for trail corruption is using logdump utility. The count command will return a ‘Bad record’ message if the trail data is corrupte

Logdump 102 >open KA000000028

The format version of the trail is not supported or the file that was specified for the trail is invalid.

Logdump 103 >count

Bad record found at RBA 0, format 5.50 Header token)

 0000 0000                                         | ….

LogTrail /ogg/app/oracle/oggma/ has 0 records



OGG (https://linuxvm01:18100 LOCAL) 29> alter extract EXT01 ETROLLOVER

2019-03-20T11:58:46Z  INFO    OGG-01520  Rollover performed.  For each affected output trail of Version 10 or higher format, after starting the source extract, issue ALTER EXTSEQNO for that trail’s reader (either pump EXTRACT or REPLICAT) to move the reader’s scan to the new trail file;  it will not happen automatically.

2019-03-20T11:58:46Z  INFO    OGG-08100  EXTRACT altered.


3         Reference:

OGG Pump Abends With OGG-01416 Format RELEASE 9.0/9.5 Does Not Match Current Format Specification of RELEASE 10.4/11.1. (Doc ID 1381714.1)

From <>

Extract Abending With Error Message OGG-01416 File <path>, with format RELEASE 9.0/9.5, does not match current format specification of RELEASE 12.2. (Doc ID 2242550.1)

From <>


Causes Extract to increment to the next file in the trail sequence when restarting. For example, if the current file is ET000002, the current file will be ET000003 when Extract restarts. A trail can be incremented from 000001 through 999999, and then the sequence numbering starts over at 000000.

From <>

Restarting a Primary Extract after System Failure or Corruption:

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